2023 - 24 DEV


AR Prompt



We are five 14-15 year-old boys from Saint Olave's Grammar School, who are competing in the F1 in Schools competition as a dev class team. We are a team of leaders, innovators, and designers who love STEM based activities, since we believe they provide valuable, real-life experience through hands-on-learning.

Abhinav Malladi


Team Manager / Engineer

When I first heard of the F1iS competition, I found it compelling and quickly formed a team. I never knew that it would become such a deep and demanding project at the start, but it is something that I truly enjoy and value. The feeling of winning is something you can't beat, and I want to help my team on its journey.

Aneeq Weerasinghe


Sponsorship & Marketing Manager

F1iS has always sounded like an amazing stem project, and as an avid DT enthusiast I knew that it was the right decision to partake. Free time is also very hard to fill, and I knew F1iS would make that time well spent. I also love the adrenalin rush that comes with winning, and I hope to share that feeling with my teammates.

Michael Qu


Portfolio / Marketing

F1iS seems like an awesome, incredibly fun, and difficult project that I can use to challenge myself. It gives me an opportunity to learn new skills and work to my best. Although my job is not on the car itself, I would love to see through its development and hopefully help throughout.

Neal Ye


Engineer / Graphics Manager

I've always taken a liking towards motorsports (especially F1), and when I heard of F1iS I knew this was a perfect opportunity for me. The concept of racing a miniature car along a 20m track captured my interest immediately. Being a part of a team and seeing its growth throughout the years feels awesome!

Thomas Howcroft


Finance Manager / Graphics

I enjoy various aspects of DT, and view F1iS as a way to challenge myself in a way that could benefit my career path. Although there are a few aspects of technology and engineering that I have explored in depth, F1iS is new to me, and I hope I can learn new things about it and help my team along our journey.